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Dr-Nikhil-Shellagi Dr. Nikhil Shellagi Gastrointestinal, HPB, Liver Transplantation
Laparoscopic , GI Oncosurgeon
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Advanced-Laparoscopy-surgery GI and HPB Oncology Colon also called large intestine is the last part of gastrointestinal tract. Colon cancer arises from inner lining of the colon. Our Services Liver-vector Liver Transplantation Liver transplantation is the replacement of a diseased liver with the healthy liver from another person (allograft). Our Services

Best Gastro Surgeon in Whitefield Bangalore - Dr. Nikhil Shellagi

Dr. Nikhil Shellagi has done his graduation (MBBS) from JJMMC, Davangere. He subsequently did his post-graduation (MS, Master of surgery in General Surgery) from the prestigious Kasturba Medical College, Manipal.

Dr. Nikhil Shellagi

What We Do Best :-

  • Gastrointestinal
  • HPB
  • Liver Transplantation Laparoscopic
  • GI Oncosurgeon

Dr. Nikhil Shellagi super-specialized in Surgical gastroenterology and Hepatopancreatic and biliary surgery at Jagjivan Ram Railway Hospital, Mumbai and was subsequently awarded DNB in Surgical gastroenterology.

Later he went to Asan Medical center, Seoul, South Korea as visiting fellow in the department of Liver Transplantation and HPB Surgery.

He subsequently joined the Centre for Liver and Biliary Science as a fellow in Liver Transplantation and HPB Surgery.

He worked as a consultant GI, HPB and Liver Transplant Surgeon at Medical Hospital From October 2017 to December 2021.

He has been working as a consultant for Surgical gastro, HPB and Liver Transplant Surgeon at Manipal Hospitals Whitefield Bangalore since January 2022.

His area of interest is GI and HPB Oncology, Advance Laparoscopy and Liver Transplantation.

Our Specialties

Gastro Intestinal Surgery gastrointestinalsurgery

Gastro Intestinal Surgery

Gastrointestinal surgery uses a number of surgical techniques to diagnose and treat GI disorders.

Hepato Biliary and Pancreatic  Surgery  Hepatobiliaryandpancreaticsurgery 

Hepato Biliary and Pancreatic Surgery

Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery is performed to treat cancers and diseases of both organs.

Robotic surgery Advancedlaparoscopy

Robotic surgery

Advanced laparoscopy is an open surgery in which an incision is placed in the skin of the abdomen.

Gastro Intestinal Oncosurgery GastrointestinalOncosurgery

Gastro Intestinal Oncosurgery

Gastrointestinal Oncosurgery is a specialist field that is focused on the treatment of stomach, colon, cancers of the oesophagus, small bowel, rectum, anal canal, gall bladder and liver, pancreas, and biliary tract.

Liver Transplantation Livertransplantation

Liver Transplantation

Liver transplantation is the replacement of a diseased liver with the healthy liver from another person (allograft).

Surgery Performed


An appendectomy, also termed appendicectomy, is a surgical operation in which the vermiform appendix (a portion of the intestine) is removed.


cholecystectomy is a surgical procedure to remove your gallbladder — a pear-shaped organ that sits just below your liver on the upper right side of your abdomen.

Inflammatory bowel disease

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a term for two conditions that are characterized by chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

Hiatus Hernia

hiatal hernia is when your stomach bulges up into your chest through an opening in your diaphragm, the muscle that separates the two areas.


Conventional Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopy helps diagnose and treat problems in the reproductive organs.

Minimal Invasive Pancreatic Necrosectomy

Severe acute pancreatitis with infected necrosis is one of the most morbid diseases. 

Ventral Hernia

ventral hernia is a bulge through an opening in the muscles on the abdomen. The hernia can occur at a past incision site , above the navel, or other weak muscle sites (primary abdominal). 

Piles, Fissures & Fistulas, Rectal Prolapse

Piles are mainly the swollen blood vessels while fissures are kind of cracks and fistulas are an opening of a cavity. 

Intestinal Perforation

Gastrointestinal perforation (GP) occurs when a hole forms all the way through the stomach, large bowel, or small intestine. 

Surgeries Performed

Gastro Intestinal Surgery

Gastrointestinal surgery is a treatment for diseases of the parts body involved in digestion.

Advanced Laparoscopy

Advanced laparoscopy is an open surgery using an incision made in the skin of the abdomen.

GI Oncosurgery

The GI Surgical Oncology Clinic offers the most advanced and effective treatments available for cancerous and benign gastrointestinal conditions.


Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic surgery

During liver transplantation, an unhealthy liver is replaced with a healthy liver from someone else (allograft).

Liver Transplantation

Liver transplantation is the replacement of a diseased liver with the healthy liver from another person (allograft).


HPB (Hepato-Pancreatico-Biliary) surgery focuses on benign and malignant diseases of the liver, pancreas, and biliary tree.   

Malignant Diseases


The esophagus is a muscular tube connecting the throat (pharynx) with the stomach.

Small Intestine

The small intestine or small bowel is an organ in the gastrointestinal tract where most of the end absorption


Stomach is an organ between your esophagus and small intestine. It is where digestion of protein begins.

Large Intestine & Rectum

The large intestine is made up of the cecum, colon, rectum and anus. The colon and rectum are held in the abdomen


The duodenum is the first part of the small intestine. It is located between the stomach and the middle part 

Anal Canal

Anatomical terminology. The anal canal is the terminal segment of the large intestine between the rectum and anus

Our Gallery

Patient Testimonials

My goal in patient care is to treat my patients and make medical decisions for them as I would for my own family members.

Bhavya Ratish
Bhavya Ratish
Dr.Nikhil Sir. You gave me the confidence and successfully did my major pancreatic surgery. You are a God for me. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for Gastroenterology problems. Once again Thanks a lot sir. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude.
Gautam Hazarika
Gautam Hazarika
He is very polite and caring. Understand well the patients condition and advice accordingly. Very helpful.
Chikkam Rakesh
Chikkam Rakesh
Best Doctor in for surgery in Gaestroenterology and best surgeon available in bangalore.
Dipanwita Saha
Dipanwita Saha
‘Thanks’ is not enough for me to show my gratitude towards Dr. Nikhil.. He has operated my father’s liver tumor recently.. All the time Dr. Nikhil not only supported us with mental strength but he has taken very good care of my father during hospitalization. He was always available for any concern or issues and responded immediately. In today’s greedy world, it is very rare to find such a generous doctor who treats patient selflessly with such good care.. He not only helped my father medically but also helped us financially which was a great help.. I strongly recommend him for any liver issues. He is the best liver surgeon. Thank you so much, Sir..
We come to bangaluru from kolkata to my father health critical condition and we lucky to found Nikhil sir at manipal hospital….His guidance we success to recover my father…His is very helpful person..When I face any kind of problems according my father health thn i massage to sir and as soon as possible sir rply me the solution… Thanks a lot sir
SiddarthaReddy K
SiddarthaReddy K
Down to earth person and I have never seen a doctor who responds to our queries with in seconds. I strongly recommend Dr. Nikil and one of the best doctors in Bangalore.
ratish kundar
ratish kundar
Dr Nikhil S is undoubtedly a best surgeon in Banglore. A down to earth person and can contact him without any hesitation and easily approachable. Got the pancreatic tumor and hernia removed of my wife. Such complicated and critical surgery was successfully operated by the doctor. To which he had given us confidence and assured about getting normal. This made us feel really comfortable. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for Gastroenterology problems. Once again Thanks a lot sir. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude.
Jathin TK
Jathin TK
Excellent Treatment , smooth surgery. Helped with my budget too. Surely a doc with a heart ❤️ Thanks to Dr Nikhil
Arpan Shukla
Arpan Shukla
Dr. Nikhil is jem of a person and extremely superb doctor. He made this operation looks so simple and easy for both me and my wife. The operation was neat and very successful. I recommend him for everyone. Lucky to have doctors like him in our country. Arpan and Sadhna Shukla
Seema Thapar
Seema Thapar
My husband has been in Dr. Shellagi’s care since 5 months… laparoscopically removed tumor from the intestine.. he is a wonderful Doctor with expertise in his field. Explains very accurately and is always accessible on WhatsApp,for queries in emergencies and whenever required . Has always guided us correctly and the patient is fully recovered after the surgery now . We thank Dr. Shellagi for all the care and advice provided by him during our most difficult time. He is the best gastroenterologist , we sincerely,wish him the best,for his future endeavors. Will highly recommend him . Many thanks to your team and Manipal hospital care. God bless. Thanks Seema Thapar